Retired Shapes 2018-2020


In an effort to continue bringing high quality products, we will retire more of the currently available shapes. Once the shape is retired, there is no support for them and no possibility to acquire them again. We are currently working on various projects, including expanding our new collection of shapes for 2018. Keep posted by following this blog.

(as we retire shapes, we will continue adding shape names to this list)

  • Jarla (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Lorena (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Jasmine (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Willow (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Dallas (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Bella (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Mary-Kate (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Dalia (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Tia (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Savannah (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • More to come…

  • Lucia (Genesis Lab Sofie Bento)
  • Ishi (Catwa Catya Bento)

  • Gwen (Catwa Catya)
  • Kirsten (Catwa Kathy)
  • Isla (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Peony (Catwa Kimberly)
  • India (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Mabel (Lelutka Cate)
  • Kenzie (Lelutka Cate)
  • Ariel (Lelutka Chloe)
  • Andrea (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Amara (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Ivy (Catwa Lilo)
  • Akari (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Poppy (Catwa Kimberly)
  • Aspen (Catwa Catya)
  • June (Lelutka Simone)
  • Monica (Lelutka Simone)
  • Shana (Lelutka Simone)
  • Taylor (Catwa Lona)
  • Bea (Lelutka Simone)
  • Sia (Lelutka Simone)
  • Amber (Lelutka Simone)
  • Sue (Lelutka Simone)
  • Rio (Lelutka Simone)
  • Paola (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Grace (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Stella (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Foxy (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Penelope (Lelutka Cate Bento)
  • Leigh (Lelutka May Bento)
  • Lynn (Catwa Kimberly Bento)
  • Alanna (Catwa Catya Bento)
  • Shauna (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • London (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Fran (Lelutka Simone Bento)
  • Daphne (Lelutka Spencer Bento)
  • Destiny (Lelutka Spencer Bento)
  • Sandra (Lelutka Spencer Bento)
  • Vittoria (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Samari (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Maddox (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Rita (Lelutka Chloe Bento)
  • Imani (Lelutka Greer Bento)
  • Vero (Lelutka May Bento)
  • Achilles (Lelutka Andrea Bento)
  • Austin (Lelutka Andrea Bento)
  • Sophia (Catwa Catya Bento)
  • Melody (Catwa Catya Bento)
  • Caroline (Catwa Sofia Bento)
  • Alessandra (Vista Diana Bento)

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